Blackstar Satellite | Free | 9:00p – 1:30a

July 16, 2016 @ 9:00 pm – 11:55 pm
Blackstar Satellite | Free | 9:00p - 1:30a @  |  |

Blackstar Satellites CD release show.
Free | 21+

The idea of Blackstar Satellite was created star date 2011, by brothers Chris (vox/guitar) and Josh (drums) Martinez. Space Shuttle Atlantis was expected to dock the International Space Station early that summer evening, and the flight path would be visible for a short duration. That memorable evening would later set the tone for the musical union that would later include Cynthia Galindo Garcia (guitar) and Marty Alonzo (bass). Cynthia Galindo Garcia responded to a local musicians wanted ad. She had walked into the audition with “a little something” prepared for a song that was included in the ad. Towards the end of the song, Cynthia released a mind bending solo that seemed to tear through the very fabric of space and time. Influenced by the greats of Texas Blues/Rock, she so easily earned her keep. Brothers Chris and Josh met and played with Marty Alonzo in a local tribute band doing shows in and around the local scene. With experience and chemistry already established between the three, it was inevitable that the stars would align just right to create what is now Blackstar Satellite. Unique individual influences from all four members, such as Proto-Punk, Noise Rock, Alternative, New York Glam, Cock Rock, Texas Blues, Hardcore Punk and Sci-Fi Surf, make up the Spice Melange (1984 Dune reference) of our Earthly existence. Stay tuned! Scan for life forms! Detect the anomaly that is Blackstar Satellite! Coming to a venue near you…

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